Sunday, July 10, 2016


Way behind, but this lovely sister of mine came to visit months ago. We all loved having her with us for a week!

Early morning snuggles:
Trip to the zoo:
Feeding the sheep. Mickey kept poking them in the eye while trying to dig through the wool to find their eyes. :)

Helping daddy fix the sink piping.

Fun with snapchat.

This is what happens when you try to wash dishes with a little one to help.
Helping crack my back into place.

Love this girl and loved having her visit! Until next time!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Spring! Spring! Spring! We hear from the birds outside our house! I know some people hate it, but I LOVE waking up to the sounds of birds chirping in the morning.

We have been "spring cleaning" of sorts here. Mostly just personalizing the house so it feels like ours. We painted 2 accent walls jalapeƱo green. Goose loved to climb the ladder, when we weren't looking, to help paint too.

The boys and I met up with some friends at this park. I have never seen one like it in all our traveling. It was like playing with all the animals at the zoo! Penguins, kangaroo, giraffe, etc.

Mr. Goose has the beginnings of a football player.

As we explore our new city, we find small little treasures in the most unexpected places. It's wonderful to chance upon them and have an opportunity to imagine and pretend!

Family on the Mr.'s side came to visit for a weekend! We loved having them ... And mostly worked on projects. But we got quite a bit accomplished!

Goose found his new favorite food; ranch dressing. 

I got a fun book I can't wait to utilize for landscape planning. 

We have all loved watching the birds come to our door for the seeds we put in the bird feeder. It's like dinner and a show!

The Mr. and I have found a few babysitters so we can have date night out again (hooray!!)

And I am finding groups to do things with, hikes to go on, nature to explore, ways to keep active, and slowly making friends again!

Hooray for finally reaching the settling-in stage!!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Family Pictures

That's all!

Hahaha, not really, but isn't that the funniest? The first group of pictures came out blurry because we forgot to take the protective case off the phone we were using. However, some are just too cute not to share!

Round 2 turned out more clear, but by the time we got to the whole family, Mickey was done and we couldn't get him to smile.

Guess who's walking and not going back?!


Our first Christmas on our own, with no family to visit or invite over. It was small, and mostly quiet. To be honest, at first it was weird with a "now what?" sort of feeling, but once we got going, we had a blast. We LOVED having a day together as a family with no errands to do, nothing to fix, no to-do list, and away from electronics and the Internet. Mostly, we just enjoyed playing together. And it turned out great!

Goose mostly wanted the food in the stockings... :)

The Mr. and I liked taking time with the boys to enjoy each present a bit before moving on to the next present.
And of course, we had to use all that cardboard and wrapping paper for something! It was great!
Matchy-matchy! Mickey loves to match with his brother (he really does- this face was because he was impatient to take the picture).


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